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Sun City West (SCW) is a remarkable retirement community in the Northwest Valley. Technically, it functions as an unincorporated community and does not have typical city government structure. The services provided to the area come from four providers:


Maricopa County provides street maintenance, building and zoning codes, law enforcement and public health services.


Maricopa County provides street maintenance, building and zoning codes, law enforcement and public health services.


A Governing Board of 9-elected residents and a General Manager to run the daily operations of the recreational amenities for the members of the community.


The Sun City West volunteers assist in organized group such as the PRIDEs, Posse, The Sun City West Foundation, just to name a few.

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To work as an advocate for our community in their efforts to strengthen the well-being of Sun City West by networking with and promoting the use of our local businesses and organizations within our community that will enrich the lives of Sun City West residents.

To create greater awareness of the various member organizations located within Sun City West through collaborative promotional and educational efforts.

To promote the advantages of utilizing our members’ offerings and services to the betterment of the Community at large.

To foster positive cooperative opportunities in all endeavors undertaken by the Alliance of Business & Community, including the sponsoring of networking and professional development events.

To protect the unique quality of life we enjoy here as change and growth come to the West Valley, thereby preserving and enhancing the community pride and spirit within Sun City West.


PROMOTE the business and service organizations of Sun City West, AZ.

Provide PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunities for local business leaders through networking sessions and by incorporating selected classes offered by business educators or faculty from local colleges, universities, or the private sector.

Sponsor COMMUNITY EVENTS wherein contributions received will be distributed to local charities that serve the residents of Sun City West, AZ.

Hold community events as a way of THANKING OUR RESIDENTS for their support of Sun City West business and service providers.


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