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Joel Shuflin | TFSB - Reverse Mortgage

Joel Shuflin | TFSB - Reverse Mortgage
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Home Equity Conversion and Reverse Mortgages that create the retirement lifestyle you want!

I love the desert — the heat, the fierce landscape and the diversity.  What I love best is helping seniors achieve their retirement lifestyle goals…

Four types of seniors take advantage of a home equity conversion:

  • Seniors with retirement assets from $1.5 to $4 million who want to strategically leverage their home’s equity, create liquidity and maintain their lifestyle for the rest of their lives.
  • Seniors who anticipate the possibility of a future retirement “shock” … unexpected health expenses, recession, high inflation.
  • Seniors with an immediate cash flow need — perhaps due to death of a spouse, immediate health expenses, unexpected home repairs, etc.
  • Seniors who want to purchase a right-sized homes, perhaps closer to family, without incurring a monthly payment for principal and interest.

Personally, I have a retirement lifestyle goal as well: To be able to visit (annually) all my four children living in Chicago, Germany, Kuala Lumpur and Athens (Greece)!

Whether you’re looking to travel, downsize, rightsize move closer to family, or prepare for the unexpected, we have a solution that lets you turn your home’s equity into available cash — when you need it.

Ask me about it – for refinance, or home purchase!

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